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Roulette, X and 12% Cards and more!

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Hi Everyone,


We are delighted to kick 2023 off with something rather special. Over the past few weeks, we have been busy creating a new in-game feature; Prologic Roulette! We have also managed to launch the long-awaited higher-tiered piercing cards!


Summary of Update:


  • Prologic Roulette release

  • Roulette Vendor

  • Backdated bonuses to Jan 1st onwards donators

  • Premium Consumable Buff - The “Molten Potion”

  • X & 12% Pierce Cards in LP store

  • S & 8% Pierce Cards in LP store

  • Free 6-hour Offline-Selling (Vendors update)

  • Offline Collectors - Development Update


Prologic Roulette


The roulette system contains over 350 prizes, all from the Prologic store. Players are able to spin the wheel to receive prizes up to the value of 2000 Logic Points! It was incredibly important to us that regardless of if you donate, everyone has the opportunity to access LP store items. As such, this feature is available for Logic Points (LP), Vote Points (VP), and Voting Site rewards.


As more items are introduced into the store, we will periodically update the wheel with these prizes. Prizes range from Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. A complete list of prizes will be maintained here: Prologic Roulette Rewards List.




Normal Roulette Spins (Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic rewards) can be obtained through:


  • Purchasing at the LP and VP Store

  • Roulette Vendor

  • Free spins for donation packages

  • 1 Free spin every time you vote at GT100

  • Events and Giveaways


Lucky Roulette Spins (Uncommon, Rare and Epic rewards) can be obtained through:


  • Purchasing at the LP Store

  • Roulette Vendor

  • Events and Giveaways


Lucky Roulette Spins have a higher likelihood of rolling Rare and Epic rewards. We have designed them this way as they are purchasable via the Roulette Vendor, meaning if you have bad luck, you can guarantee a better prize through its purchase!


Prologic Roulette can be found in Flaris near the bank, or via the “Prologic Roulette” teleport in the teleport interface (V).




Roulette Vendor


If you are unhappy with your prize, you will also be able to convert it straight into “Roulette Tokens”!


Roulette Tokens can be used at the Roulette Vendor in Flaris to purchase some of the most powerful LP store items in the game, including Stats Fashion, Pets, Cards, and more. Roulette Tokens are untradable to ensure economic balance, however, the items purchased from the vendor are tradable.


A complete list of vendor items will be maintained here: Prologic Roulette Rewards List.




Back-Dated Donation Packages


Any player that has donated since the 1st of January 2023 for a package that now qualifies for free spins will have their accounts credited with the appropriate amount within 24 hours, please check your mail. It was our intention to have this launched on the 1st of January and feel it is only right to give players what is (unknowingly) owed.


Owed spins can be claimed from the store page within the Account Information area:




Premium Consumable Buff - The “Molten Potion”


We have over 68 different premium consumable buff’s within Prologic and many players carry them all with them. We now have options for players to use instead; the “Molten Potion”. This buff is available in a 1-hour and 3-hour option, it contains all of these consumables within one item! 


These items are available through the LP store,  VP Store, Prologic Roulette, and the Roulette Vendor.


X and 12% Pierce Cards


New X and 12% Pierce Cards have been added to both the EVO Rune store, Prologic Roulette, and the Roulette Vendor. These cards are extremely powerful giving bonuses above and beyond that of the usual cards. 


X and 12% Pierce Cards - Free2Play Update 07.01.2023

After listening to community feedback, it was widely felt that this was not accessible enough to Free2Play. As such, we have decided to implement X and 12% Pierce Cards into the EVO Rune vendor! The EVO vendor system is something we will be expanding on over the coming months and feel the PVE nature of the cards fits well within this offering.

As hinted to, would like to also confirm that the PVE update currently being worked on will impact all mid to high-tier dungeons. This should drastically improve player PVE experience across the board in regards to group activity and rewards.

X and 12% cards will be added to the vendor in the next few days!
Thank you for everyone's feedback, it is invaluable! We hope you are enjoying the update!



The card details are as follows:


Fire Card X

15 Strength

4% Increased Critical Damage

2% PVE Damage


Water Card X

15 Intelligence

4% Decreased Cast Time

2% PVE Damage


Electric Card X

15 Dexterity

4% Increased Critical Damage

2% PVE Damage


Land Card X

15 Stamina

4% HP


Volcano Card 12%

12% Increased HP

3% PVE Damage Absorb


Ocean Card 12%

12% Increased MP

3% PVE Damage


Lightning Card 12%

12% Increased Attack

3% PVE Damage


Earthquake Card 12%

12% Increased Defence

3% PVE Damage Absorb


S and 8% Pierce Cards


We have received a lot of player feedback over the past few months regarding adding these to the store. As such, you have asked, and we have listened! They are now available to purchase for LP under the Piercing Cards category. 


Free 6-Hour Offline-Selling (Vendors update)


Offline Selling via vendors has been made free for up to 6 hours to all users! This is a permanent change and hope that it helps everyone sell more wares! We have also added longer-duration vendors to the Perin store as detailed below:




1 Day Offline-Selling (Vendors)

50 Perin

3 Day Offline-Selling (Vendors)

120 Perin

7 Day Offline-Selling (Vendors)

240 Perin


Offline Collectors - Development Update


We know many are patiently awaiting the release of offline collectors, so we thought it best to give you an update!


Right now, we have the option to release this feature in its current state. However, the rewards being given by the collectors are in our eyes… lacking. There are only so many Hat Boxes a player can want. Therefore, we have taken the decision to delay this feature while we totally rewrite the base code as well as completely redesigning the reward system.


With this redesign, we will be able to add far more interesting rewards to collecting. This is incredibly important to us as we have some amazing features and systems planned for the future and need to ensure the collector system stays relevant in regards to drop and profitability for players as the server expands.


Thank you for all of your support and we hope you enjoy the new update!


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