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Open Letter to the community by Vice

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Hey its ya Boi Vice here,

many of you already noticed that im not that active right now, well.. let me explain why and what is going on at the moment. first i would start with a few nice words to you guys, we glad that we reached back our player cap!

we are very thankfull, that our community is still growing each day more and more ! so far much love to you guys

 well...where i start? sometimes things happening in life. in this moment where i write these little letter to you im very busy, i have many stuff to do, since my last year at vocational technical school started im busy with Learning and projects to achieve a good degree, well on the otherside im very kinda confused..? tbh guys im not gonna tell you any lies or something like that, i think as an long staff member it would be just fair to you guys if im gonna tell you whats going on..

few weeks a go i lost my best friend to cancer..it hits me very hard, and im trying to get my minds and my time together. anyway guys i just want to say take care of you and those people who you love! death comes fast and mostly unexpectedly! well so far im gonna try to get more active to provide you the best support and community management for Prologic FlyFF! i guess many of you will understand that im not in that mood right now to spend my whole freetime that i have left besides from sleeping to get some rest, in the game!

but i will be more responsiv from now! maybe some people would say "well who cares?" thats something what someone would say well.. atleast one im sure.. lets finish this letter. once again i would like th thank you guys for your huge activity and your support! Prologic FlyFF have many things planned be patient, we will still working hard to deliver your the best experience on our server!  See u ingame ! thanks for your attention - Prologic FlyFF Staff - Vice     

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