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    Since this server has PVP in its core, sometimes it gets really inconvenient to gather and remember every consumable every time. Things such as: Furnitures, Upcuts , Eels, Beads and etc.It also takes around 3k-4k RC per siege. Some of the consumables are also not present in the current shop such as Pride of Victory, cotton candy, balloons, flasks/elixirs, and FLYFORFUN cards(the cards are found only on the mocomochi event). With the new FFA update its gonna be more of a hassle. So to make things less painful here are my suggestions, feel free to criticize them: 1.) Create a consumable shop where everything can be found or add the missing consumables to the existing one. 2.) Create an item box called PVP Supply Crate where all of the stuff are found there and maybe even drop these on unfarmed bosses such as basilisk/keokuk/darktras boss 3.) Reduce the number of consumables existing in the game, I personally think there's no point in having too many consumables to discover and get an edge on your opponent that way. The only reason why all of it existed in official is because the original devs were desperate to fund the game. 4.) Change siege rewards from gold coins to RC. However, I personally think the RC prize should be equal among all participants to encourage everyone to play even if they dont have maxed gear. This could give incentives for players to actually join siege. Right now gold coins do not hold any value.
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    dear Community, we would like to ask you which CS Fashion sets you want on Prologic! send us Screenshot/Sources from CS Fashion sets and we will discuss in our team which will be ingame! you have time to submit CS Fashion sets untill 30.06.2018! thanks. Vice