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The following are the rewards per level that will be received during the LVL-UP on the server.

At level 2 they will receive a: Tuxedo Black Set (M) (7 days), Pink Dress Set (F) (7 days), Doggy (7 Days Event), 10 Upcut Stone, 300 Hot Dogs, 25 Yellow Pill, 100 VitalDrink 600 , 1 OMG Cloak Box (3 days), 40 Blinkwing of Flaris, Saint Morning and Darkon, 2 Love Chocolatte, Gingerbread, Super charged power schroll

At level 15 they will receive one: Christmas Cake.

At level 20 they will receive a reward to fly: Piyoko At level 25 they will receive: 2 Scroll of Exp Amplification (S).

At level 35 they will receive 2 Scroll of Exp Amplification (S).

At level 45 they will receive: 2 Scroll of Exp Amplification (S).

At level 61 they will receive: 1 Potato Balloon.

At level 80 they will receive: 1 Day Full shout

At level 110 they will receive: 1 Day Enhanced Party Skill Range

At level 130 they will receive: 5 Upcut Stone, 5 Love Chocolates, 5 Gingerbread, 5 Christmass Cake, 5 Grilled Eel.

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