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Prologic Flyff Evo Update

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Prologic Flyff Evo Update

In-game Changes and Fixes:

  • - Improved Server Response time!
  • - Fixed a bug that cause the server to restart every 10-15 days.
  • - Fixed bug that hide your pet when killing a boss like red meteonyker.
  • - Now Guild Kingping can remove users from guild (Only can Remove Captains and below ranks).
  • - Now you can see the name of your character in the flyff window.
  • - Fixed problem from the multi-language system that does not show the emoticons to other users with different language client.
  • - Removed duplicated fashions from the Event Shop and added new fashions.
  • - Now the pet buff and pet stats status window will not auto open in FFA, Guild Siege and Guild Clash to avoid windows overflow.
  • - Now Clockwork Dungeon Requires Rebirth 10+ to enter
  • - Increased max guild size to 120;
  • - Decreased the level buff of Mokoko Super buff to level 16, level 8 and level 4 to increase the value of a seraph partner.
  • - Now your Buy Back Storage and Awake storage will be removed after 2 day if you don't login in this period.
  • - Fixed Guild Logos in the Guild Window tab.
  • - New item added to the web shop "Prologic Evo Material" now required to craft some evo items.

Bounty Hunter System - Profession


  •  * Now when a bot is killed will drop some of his Ec, Perin and Red Chip. (Including extra bags!)
  •    * Will drop 20% if the hunter has not tittle.
  •    * Will drop 30% if the hunter is a 'Bot Hunter'.
  •    * Will drop 50% if the hunter is a 'Bot Annihilator'.
  •  * You know when you are hunted when you have a black skull in your Head!

New Event Coin Farm Area - Azria (Rebirth 10 Required)


  •   - Increased Damage
  •   - Limit 1 EC Per kill
  •   - Balanced EC Trader prices acordingly


  • -Skills Changes
     * Decreased cooldown of Priest's Grasp to 9 seconds (Seraph)
    * Increased duration of Knucle Master buff (Forcemaster)
     * Increased duration of Asmodeus buff (Forcemaster)

Improved NPCs shop interface.

  • Added new High Quality Models that will be distributed thru the game and webshop.
    * Added 70+ Animated Masks.
    * Added 110+ Hats.
    * Added 80+ masks
    * Added 280+ cloaks.
    * Added 30+ fashions.
    * Added 90+ weapons. (search:Prologic Axe 1h (17, Prologic Axe 2h (17, Prologic Sword 1h (17,  Prologic Sword 2h (17, Prologic Bow (17, Prologic Knuckle (17, Prologic Knuckle (18 , Prologic Shield (18, Prologic Staff (18, Prologic Stick (18 , Prologic Wand (18, Prologic Yoyo (18 )

Added Logins Storage



  • Model Change Improve
    * Now you can add 1h Sword model to 2h Sword model and vice versa.
    * Now you can add 1h Axe model to 2h Axe model and vice versa.
    * Now you can add Axe Model To Sword Model and vice versa.

Halloween event is back with some new rewards!

New Prologic Guild Clash System

  •   * Register in the npc in flaris
  •   * You need at least rebirth 10 to join.
  •   * Up to 6 guilds can now battle in the Prologic Guild Clash arena.
  •   * The Lords and Tutors can open this event with the command /tutorclash or /tclash
  •   * New Shop for the Guild Clash System
  •   * Dominate the enemy team and claim your rewards! (Warcoin)

New Guild Siege Ranking Seasons

 * There will be 4 seasons a year, season 1 from January to March, Season 2 From April to June, Season 3 From July to September Season 4 from October to December
 * There will be an Overall rank

New Evo Baruna Weapons can be farmed at Ancient Dungeon (Rebirth 10+ Required)

  •   *All creatures damage, level and HP has been increased
  •   * Added Evo Baruna Weapons.
  •   * Evo Baruna Exchange

New Evo Baruna Runes can be farmed at Vampire Dungeon (Rebirth 10+ Required)

  •  * All creatures damage, level and HP has been increased
  •  * PVP and PVE up to 50%
  •  * Stats Up to 140
  •  * Evo Baruna Runes Exchange


Updated Sanpress Master for the New Dark Molten Exchange to farm super exclusive models (Rebirth 10+ Required)


  •  - Gather all the required materials to exchange for exclusive models.
  •  - You can farm the IQs in the Sanpress master dungeon.
  •  - All creatures damage, level and HP has been increased


  • Decreaved Price Requirement for cards farms exchange from 1200 to 800.  Screenshot_439.png


Improved Teleporter Interface


  •   * Added All the current available dungeons
  •   * Now you can check the drops pressing the info button



Shutout to all the team of Tutors and helpers and most precisely to all players that keep supporting us over the years, without all your help there will be no Prologic Flyff so Thanks you.

We are working steadily to provide you the best Flyff Experience I hope you enjoy your stay. :Love:


Kind Regards Apollos

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