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Prologic Flyff Halloween Update 2021

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Accumulative Changes and Fixes:

- Improved System Stability
- Fixed a database crash error.
- Pet Filter Changes
 * Stone of Balance added to the option Sunstone
 * Silver Heart added to the option ItemQuest

In-game Changes and Fixes:

Balances in PVE:

v  World bosses general balance:

1.  We will increase the difficulty in hunting bosses, now they will have more damage, more health and their resistance will increase!

2.  As you noticed, we lowered the respawn times and now they have an announcement, now the hunters will be able to collect more  world boss token and the precious pieces S.

v  Dugeon balance and changes:

1.  We want to make long dungeons more attractive, we will increase the difficulty of these and players will be able to benefit from improvements in the drop.

2.  SOON  We will add rewards in Kheldor's treasures!


v  Small pve Spoiler:

1.  The Dugeons of Flaris, Saint morning and Darkon cave we will be active soon!

v  Coloseum Balance:

1.   now the extreme mode will be more difficult and players will benefit from a better drop!

2.  now the easy mood will have a small change in the last bosses and it will give a small drop of ubb, to help the newbies players! 


Prologic Classic Halloween event

- 3 New Npc are located now in Flaris

- Click the first npc to get your first quest
- after that you can check the quest status with the keyboard key 'Q'
-Any MoB can drop Gas Can all over the world.
- after you finish this quest go back to Romero to receive you Hunter Zombies Quest!
- You can also start the quest from Dr frankenstein  to start the journey to get your Mini Zombie with stats O.o

- You can exchange your tokens in the NPC Brooks

- The hunter Box contains  two sets with low change and buff items!

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