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Flyff Prologic Surviving Chinese Virus 06/14/2020

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In-game Changes Fixes and updates:

  • Now you can stack Scroll of Party Growth up to 9000 party points.
  • Fixed Bug of the Dps Meter.
  • All the shops in Flaris are now Npc to decrease the lag in the city.
  • Improved Model Change|
    * Now you can combine fashions and armor to change the models.
  • Improved Model Viewer
    * Now You can check the models from item Packs .
    * Now you can Check Models in items exchangers.newmodelview-optimize.gif
  • Balance System For the Forcemaster Critical Build
    * Decreased Hit Rate of Forcemaster Critical Build.
    *  Increased Block Rate
  • Removed Posion From the Penya strike and increased damage of the skill.
    * Still the more str you have the more is the damage you will have.
  • Unlocked New Build Harlequin Critical
    * Added new Dementia Critical Drop in the Behemoth boss
    * Increased critical bonus in the 125 baruna set.
  • New  Scroll Of Low Augmentation system.
    * This Scroll has been added as a new way to make awakes.
    * This is not a replacement of the classic awake system or transfer awake.
    * There is a limit of max stats you can get from this scroll with a higher chance than normal awake scroll.
    Max (INT-STA-STR-DEX): 22
    Max  Critical Damage: 15
    Max  CRT/DCT/SPEED:   8
    * Available in Both Vote Shop and Donator Shop
  • Winter event has finished.
  • Prologic Valentine Event is back

New CW Mortal Dungeon with amazing rewards in Flaris!


Have fun! :Kiss:

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