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Your Average Flyff Player

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So you were young and saw Flyff everywhere.It's the talk of the whole town. Without any technical gaming experience and sheer cluelessness, it seemed like the best game there ever is. So you booted up your parent's old CRT monitor PC and waited 16 hours to download a single gigabyte game called Flyff.  So excited to play and now you're installing. The clueless young lad didn't know what patching means so he stared at the patcher looking at the odd numbers and bars.  ( 3 hours later and) You opened up the game and was mesmerized by the calming music. *insert old Flyff login theme song here*.  ( 1hour later of figuring out how to register) Now You proceeded to create your first character and the stupid young lad used a name like assassin1234 , xXDragonslayerXx or something stupid like that. Fast forward to 2 days of leveling like a turtle and sightseeing like a retard. Obviously, you chose the mercenary class because damn you saw those cool dual swords and blade armor from someone in Flaris.  Fast forward another 5 days you're still level 30 and you're trying to make new characters and fake like you're a new character and ask for penya in flaris.  After much grinding, you found your first  Sunstone and heard that glorious sunstone drop sound effect. (It was called oricalkum back in the day). 10 seconds later you got ripped off by some high-level bastard and bought it from you cheap. And now you hit level 40 and you made friends and leveled together at pranksters while some level 20-ish rich guy was floating on a super expensive Ignice board worth 200k was your party leader only because he had a level 75 RM willing to buff you guys. Fast forward another 8 years. So you spent most of your childhood with Flyff and time passed quickly and you are now busy with real-world stuff.It's christmas break and your old mates start telling you about flyff private servers and you try it out. Now you're hooked again. You missed that lovely login screen and that nostalgic music and sound effects. The bubbly click of the buttons , the background music, especially that weird and mysterious sound that happens when picking up something ( lol? ). But you notice something missing, you no longer see parties grinding together, you no longer have the stupid 0.01 exp per kill grind and everything seems lonely. So you try inviting your local friends to play and all of them said ( What is this graphics? , why is the combat system just a double click and watch? ,  whats the point in grinding the same monsters for ours end? So you tried their games. Those ultra-high graphic games rated 9/10 in Steam or IGN. However you never seem to get hooked in the same way as flyff. So you eventually end up going back to flyff then quitting then back again in a cycle. You jump from one server to another but you never seem to reach the same happiness that you had 8 or even 10 years ago.  Why would an old guy like you grow so attached to a shitty game. 

So you realized:

Flyff is not about the gameplay. Flyff is about nostalgia. Flyff is about the ecstasy of your youth. Flyff is your lifestyle. Flyff is your nature.

We all might have this story in common. My name is Dominic and I'm from the Philippines ( IGN: Phalanxeer). I've had 10 years of flyff experience but I took year long breaks and jumped on multiple servers from time to time.  Whenever I feel lonely or empty, I remember my childhood and I end up googling "flyff top private servers". However on each server I had been it felt lonely and I get bored quickly and quit shortly after. But what's special about this one particular server, Yes you're right it's PROLOGIC FLYFF,  is that It captured what I had experienced back in the day better than any other servers. The other servers had too many complicated features that makes the game no longer nostalgic but feels like a modern 2018 game. In this server I made friends, and I absolutely enjoyed this server from the bottom of my heart. It filled me with the joy I felt back when I was 7 years old. 


We are all part of this community. The community that seeks the past even though it is impossible. Together let us seek the impossible and fall together. Power to all fellow nostalgia-seekers!

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well thats an extremely long and unnecessarily dramatic introduction :Rich:

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