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Phalanxeer's List of Suggestions

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1.  Reduce the number of red chips dropped on death.

It can be frustrating for players to lose every red chip they have in their inventory especially when dying because of disconnections. 

2. Increase the duration of consumables that last only 3 mins.

In order to make this more balanced, reduce their drop rate in a similar ratio to how much duration is increased

3. Increase inventory space

4. Make the prices of some items beginner-friendly 

When I was just starting I had trouble purchasing upcut stones and amplifications since I had to level two chars at a time. The vote points weren't enough to sustain both of my chars. 

5. Add Upcut stone in Premium shop or reduce its price on the red chip shop.

6. Reduce the needed letters for beginner items from level 60 - 105 or make some parts more accessible from normal mobs.

105 sets are extremely hard to complete especially for certain classes. Some parts are more commonly dropped than others and in my case, I have been looking for Neis set for ages and I wanted to save my letters because they were a bit too expensive in the coupon shop.

7. Make RM leveling more forgiving 

Hands down, RMs are extremely hard to level alone without gear and money and most parties are at "Contribution" therefore the leeching RM is always left out by 10 levels in a grinding session. 

8. Make buff pang buffs maxed out.

It's inconvenient having to rebuff 8 assist buffs every 10 mins

9. Provide boss information on the teleporter screen and dungeon teleports too 

This includes boss HP, damage and drops.

10. Add a black list or white list feature on the pet filter.

11. Add the 
restat item for specific stats in the Premium shop or adjust the existing restat price.

12. Make Griffin pet and Unicorn relevant to the game. 





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Great Ideas. I also think that for level 60-105 gear. They should be added to the Letter coupon NPC but maybe at a cheaper price. Since killing level 60 monsters can drop level 90. Its a bit odd to figure out what drops what.

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It's also hard to complete any of the sets without buying from other players.  Maybe change how sets are dropped by dropping smart boxes instead  for example, "Level 105 - Gauntlet Box" or "level 90 - boots box" and when you open the box it will choose the corresponding part according to the player's job.  As for the 105 parts that have 2 types ( haganes/blain  or  Ectro/Knighthert ) a window would pop up that lets you choose between the two types.  This would make things more consistent and more friendly for new players.

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