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Update 05/05/2019 Infinity Event and more!

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In-game Changes and Fixes:

  • Improved system security.
  • Server crash problem fixed.
  • Expanded block rate system balancer to improve the balance of every class.
  • We did some changes to mitigate the position bugs during combats, we will wait for feedback to see how is working.
  • grilled bug fixed.
  • Now Mokoko will appear in the premium channel too.
  • New "Recover Model Scroll" added to the RC Shop, with this scroll you can recover a transmuted mode. 
  • Moved down the Colosseum timer to be able to see debuff in bosses.
  • Fixed problem with action slot that get freeze.
  • Now if you have voter buff active you will gain 35% more rebirth souls.
  • Fixed command /ignore you should not see any message from any person from your /ignorelist
    * To ignore a person just do the command /ignore name
    * To unignore just do the command /unignore name
    * To see your ignore list just do the command /ignorelist
  • Increased damage of magician skill Strongwind
  • Baby kargo event extended
    * Now the baby kargo can spawn in any spawn in madrigal
    * Now you will receive 15 event coins + 10 for having voter buff.
    * The event will be launch every 2 hours.
    * You will have 5 mins to kill the baby kargo until it disappear.
    * Protip: Search the creature name in google to find where may be the baby kargo or just Search in the flyff MAP (M) .

Infinity Event!

  • Find Infinity gems around madrigal
  • exchange the infinity gems for rewards in the Infinity exchanger in flaris


Soon a lot of new models in game and in the shop :) stay tuned

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