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    In-game Changes and Fixes: New Lock item system to avoid selling/trade/delete items that you don't want to, right click the item in your inventory to access the option. Guild Siege every day Now you can use buff items from the Extra bags Fixed problem with baruna glows with model change. Fixed problem with yoyo attack effect. Improved security system. Fixed problem with templar models that does not work in model changer. Added 18 new animated masks models that can be obtained thru the webshop soon or new bosses 5 new cloak model available in the web soon 4 new fashions model available in the web soon We have a new provisional Asia channel is located in hong kong so the people from Asia can have a good experience in-game this is for now so we can test it. * We will host events in both channels so all the people can participate. * If you like the channel let us know so we keep the channel or expanded it. Balance Arcanist damage formula, now pvp and pve damage will scale more his damage. Balanced Mentalis damage formula, now pvp and pve damage will scale more his damage. Balanced Seraph damage formula, now pvp and pve damage will scale more his damage. Awake transfer system You can open this system in the menu Prologic systems, and the npc peach. You will be able to transfer awakes from the same type of items. ex Boots to boots You will need a scroll in order to use the system that will be available in a boss and our web shop. Every awake transfer will have a cost of 250p New Dungeons You need to be rebirth 6+ in order to be able to enter to the dungeon/ The dungeons is located in eillum You will be able to enter 2 times a day. You will receive more rebirth souls from the creatures in this dungeon There are 2 bosses Flame King Meteonyker and Contaminated Giant Kururung The Bosses will only appear once you have killed all Contaminated Giant Mushmoot from the dungeons Possible rewards from Flame King Meteonyker - hp requeriments for the tank 1.2m+(He can 1 hit you just like red meteornyker) * new 125 sets baruna the stats are the same but later will be change to make it usefull for every class in different ways. * There is a chance of getting the new masks models. * v3 beads * A cards Possible rewards from Contaminated Giant Kururung -hp requirements for the tank 800k+ * Awake transfer material * Premium Hats Models. * Premium 1 day. * Basilisk Mount * Cards 7% We plan to add a lot more content soon, as for now Enjoy!
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    Hey its ya Boi Vice here, many of you already noticed that im not that active right now, well.. let me explain why and what is going on at the moment. first i would start with a few nice words to you guys, we glad that we reached back our player cap! we are very thankfull, that our community is still growing each day more and more ! so far much love to you guys well...where i start? sometimes things happening in life. in this moment where i write these little letter to you im very busy, i have many stuff to do, since my last year at vocational technical school started im busy with Learning and projects to achieve a good degree, well on the otherside im very kinda confused..? tbh guys im not gonna tell you any lies or something like that, i think as an long staff member it would be just fair to you guys if im gonna tell you whats going on.. few weeks a go i lost my best friend to cancer..it hits me very hard, and im trying to get my minds and my time together. anyway guys i just want to say take care of you and those people who you love! death comes fast and mostly unexpectedly! well so far im gonna try to get more active to provide you the best support and community management for Prologic FlyFF! i guess many of you will understand that im not in that mood right now to spend my whole freetime that i have left besides from sleeping to get some rest, in the game! but i will be more responsiv from now! maybe some people would say "well who cares?" thats something what someone would say well.. atleast one im sure.. lets finish this letter. once again i would like th thank you guys for your huge activity and your support! Prologic FlyFF have many things planned be patient, we will still working hard to deliver your the best experience on our server! See u ingame ! thanks for your attention - Prologic FlyFF Staff - Vice
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    I've been playing FlyFF for about thirteen years and I've played a lot of pirvate servers. I can safely say that Prologic is a pretty decent server, but there's a lot of QoL stuff that could improve it a fair bit. Vaelish Shop Stuff: Tickets to vital levelling areas are extremely overpriced, reduce the prices to something we can actually afford! Frankly everything in this shop is extremely overpriced beyond the penya rate of the server, reduce prices for happier players! Drop pets: Add an extra tab to buy drop-collector pets! New NPC shop suggestions: Green Armour Shop: The server's drop rates are pretty low for this kind of gear and a lot of classes THRIVE on green armour. I know there's the "coupon" shops, but the limiting factor is that we quickly outstrip the ability to change out gear based upon the server's XP rates. The coupon shops also start at 60 so the 15-45 armours are effectively locked off to everyone. Green Weapon Shop: The server's drop rates vs the XP rates impact us again here, we burn through gear really fast, leaving us without the ability to have vital gear, also the 15-45 gear, vital to certain classes, is again functionally absent because of drop rates. Weapon changes: Sticks (assist/RM/Seraph buffs): make them a one-handed item so they can equip a shield, allowing AoE RMs/Seraphs to tank more effectively and to make levelling stick-based assists less dicey. Inventory Changes: Implement tabbed inventory to allow us to hold more stuff during long farming sessions and to make locating stuff less annoying in a busy inventory. Skill Changes: Prevention: Remove the 3min cooldown in non-siege environments to allow AoE RMs/Seraphs to tank/level more effectively (big pulls, big xp!) Prevention: Flag it so it can be cast with both a knuckle (non-siege) and stick for better tanking ability for BPs/Force Masters and RMs/Seraphs That's all I've got for now, I'll add to it as I come up with more stuff.
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    Harlekin is a very nice class and its so much fun to play it. Harlekin is born for pvp but on Siege or FFA its much to hard to kill anyone and thats rly sad. On this Server it looks like that im the only Harekin in pvp. Comparing the classes is very unbalanced. Harlekin whit full dmg Equip (1500str and 90k+ atkdmg) HoP make just 230k-260k dmg. Forcemaster whit full dmg Equip can easy make Asal 900k+ . Cracki on Full Critdmg can do a charged shot 800k+ and spam autoatk whit 200k+. Blades can reach autoatks like 400k+ crits. Mages can spam his skills 150k-300k but it feels like 3skills in 1 sek. All classes can play Hp Equip on pvp and nevertheless they make a lot of dmg, if you play Harle on full sta (status points) your Hop mabye do 150k dmg and you have 300k hp. The Harlekin skills rly have to get stronger HoP must be at least 700k+ on full dmg Equip. I think on this Server im not the only Harlekin Fan but im the only one on Pvp. Pls revive Harlekin, this class deserves to be played. Sorry for my bad English xDD
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    Hey, Yesterday i found a Bug on Harlekin in the Pk system You can hit other players wiht a auto atk and becoma a Redplayer, but If you Atk whit a skill first it does no dmg. Its a little bit funny, because you atk anyone whit a skill, they think you are Red now and atk you back. They are the Redplayer now, you can kill and earn the money. I think that´s not supposed to be that way
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    Bueno creo que hay que activar este foro. Me llamo José, juegos Flyff desde que salio y al igual que Zexion le tengo full aprecio a este game. espero que crezca mucho mucho mas para asi poder tener mayor cantidad de personas con quien jugar.
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    [ENG] Hello dear PrologicFlyff players, our fresh created guild is looking for players to play with ! So if you feel lonely or just want to play with others together feel free to join us ! We're mostly PVE players but if you're PVP player it doesn't matter for us ! Some things we require from you : - Be active - Don't be rude for others ! - Play for fun ! We know that everyone has their private life so you don't need to be 24/7, but if you're about to leave game for couple of days please send me info so i can know you're not able to play! Piece ! [PL] Witam was drodzy PrologicFlyff gracze, nasza świeżo założona gildia poszukuje graczy by wspólnie spędzić przy niej czas ! Więc jeżeli czujesz się samotny lub po prostu chciałbyś pograć z kimś koniecznie dołącz do nas ! Większość z nas to PVE gracze lecz jeżeli jesteś PVP graczem to nie ma dla nas znaczenia ! Kilka rzeczy których oczekujemy od ciebie : - Bądź aktwny - Nie bądź wredny dla innych ! - Graj dla zabawy ! Wiemy że każdy ma swoje prywatne życie więc nie musisz siedzieć 24/7, ale jeżeli zamierzasz opuścić grę na kilka dni proszę poinformuj mnie bym wiedział że nie jesteś w stanie grać! Pokój !
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    In-game Changes and Fixes: There was a problem with missing hits from the class ranger were they send a arrow and it never reach the target now it should not happens. Improved Condor Dive responsiveness, now you will be able to hit and run easier. Added bow model box for the event Fixed problem with staff and yoyo models. fixed problem with creatures that get stuck in mountains. Fixed problem with the hide fashion system. Improved system security. Fixed problem with missing sfx effects in knuckles Fixed bosses with missin skills Balanced ankou drops. This is a hotfix mostly to fix problem from the last update and some annoying problems, we are still working in the next update, Enjoy!.
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    wow nice, I really thought that was normal on rangers
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    Leveling: please make the exp rate lesser(depends on your judgement), -just add on party system when you have party member beside you killing monster around the vicinity map the party exp shared when killing is increase by 10% proportion to the # of party member around the vicinity map. ex. if the party member is 10 (around the map killing mobs), party exp shared per kill is 100%, then if 10 members and the other 1 is not around the range of party shared exp per kill is 90% and so on, and it should appear like a party buff Note: Percentage I used is just an example to make it easy to understand, it depends on your judgement. Upgrade(Awakes, item plus, pet levels, Accessories and etc.): Make success rate hard just like the normal FlyFF. Just put upgrade scrolls on NPC with a fair price or can be loot on mobs so at-least player can make money for it. Loots/drops rates: Loots and drop should be like usual private server drop rates, with high rates just not to much, The servers drop rate is good. -put on party system just like the above, Drop rate proportionally increased with the party member around the vicinity map +10% (depends on your judgement). also should appear like a party buff. -add Rare stats on weaps/armour at-least put 1% and below of chance obtaining items with stats. -upgrade pet looting speed. Inventory: - expand inventory -sorting and deleting of item option. Auto - click on mobs: Auto - click(not literally click just highlight the mobs or something) to the nearest mobs that can be on or off . Not auto attack hahaha. I've been playing FlyFF(Private and not) since 2009 - 2013, and I miss those days that players are playing and killing mobs on a party together on field. I just lost interest playing the game because I fill like alone playing the game. that is sad and not enjoyable. Most problem of FlyFF private servers is players lost interest on playing because they feel alone playing. And this Idea maybe solve that problem The purpose why I want to lower rate on exp and success rate of upgrades but high on drop rate because its more like farm to win while leveling
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    Hello, I'm Ken, I am planning to play FlyFF again and while searching online, I found your server and caught my attention. Before I start playing just want to ask; if you guys provide automated freebies or level-up freebies in-game? And does the community active(PvP and PvE)? Which class would be the best for starter? Looking forward seeing you guys in-game. Thank you
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    I have good internet 20mbs and always looking at my ping and it says good wihtout disturbance but I always got dc evey 1 - 2 mins. It actually not says disconnected from the server but I know it was because when I use skills my Character frozed and everyone of my vicinity.
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    I've fix this by directly connect the ethernet cable to my laptop then poof! no dc. dc occurs when I used wifi. anyone have same problem using wifi?
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    Hello i am selling LP = Perin the ration is 100LP:80P Negotiable PM me in Game same name
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    For the next update that will be soon is planned a revision for Harlequin so it can be in the level of the others jobs, thanks you for reaching us
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    When i blinked on trasea i got stuck here and i cannot get out even teleporting out makes me only DC